19 Random Things

We don’t know much about each other. Let’s solve that problem. Here are a few tidbits of what makes me . . . me.

1. If pushed, then pull. If pulled, then push.

2. The study of social economics makes me giddy with joy. I enjoy unearthing incentives.

3. I may watch too much TV. It is usually on in the background while I am work. I’m currently watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

4. Yes, I am a nerd.

5. If you don’t understand Doctor Who, then we may need to have a sit down.

6. In the span of six months I was riding splash mountain, in jail, engaged, traveling to Europe, tasting my first old fashion, and swimming off the coast of Hawaii.

7. At the time, that was normal.

8. I have two daughters, if that is a problem, we won’t get along.

9. I once performed in a men’s a cappella group for the Governor of Maine in the afternoon, and a local sorority that same night.

10. I have performed, helped produce, done some of the artwork, and sang on six different albums.

11. I am an author and poet with more than four works in international publication.

12. I don’t watch sports, unless it is the Olympics, in which case I’m glued to the screen.

13. I use the library.

14. I once was lost in the woods for three days at the age of twelve with my next door neighbor whom I had just met. It was amazing.

15. Learning to alpine ski was second nature.

16. Baking is my zen.

17. If Disney was a religion, I would be the Pope.

18. I have visited forty-nine of the fifty United States.

19. Bill Murray is my spirit animal.