Chains of Change Book

J. M. Wieland is a self-published author under the Nomad Books name. His work Chains of Change deals with those members of our society that have to find work, housing, friends, and a new life after incarceration. This was his first published work.

Book Cover Art:
The cover art for the book was simple enough. He needed to get the book at quickly so I utilized a walking path near where he lived and an old pair of handcuffs from a toy store. By showing the handcuffs in the foreground and the fuzzy image of a man walking away in the background I hoped to demonstrate the idea of moving on from being jailed. It was an added benefit that we were able to shoot in Arizona and have a blue sky kind of day to represent the free life outside of prison.

Book Formatting:
The editing for the book was done by a couple of people the author knew, but the layout and format was left to me. I used word and the templates from Create Space through Amazon to format the paperback version of the book and then used basic HTML coding for the Kindle version.

Press Release:
He didn’t want to overdo the press release, but to stick to the facts. The release tells the basic idea of the book, its intended target audience, and a bit about the author. I think the release worked well because it was so basic. It led to an interview with Anchor Stephanie Hockridge at ABC15 in Phoenix, Arizona.


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