I Know Where Monkeys Sleep Book

J. M. Wieland is a self-published author under the Nomad Books name. His first poetry work I Know Where Monkeys Sleep gave him an outlet to vent his emotions after three significant events occurred all within a short period of time: the loss of his father, his marriage to the love of his life and his conviction by a court of law.

Book Cover Art:
I was inspired by the raw emotion of the book and tried to capitalize off of some of the ancient symbols of monkeys. I came across a symbol used on old walls in South America and fused that idea with some of the color and reflective imagery of an old French novel. The result is a modern look on an old symbol that I think grants a bit of mystery esthetic to the whole endeavor.

I did the formatting for the book as well which was a bit more challenging than the previous non-fiction as there were spacing issues that had to be resolved in the kindle version compared to the manuscript. A press release was sent for the book in the same structure as the previous work.

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