Getting Out: Success After Incarceration Book

Getting Out Facebook AdThe third book by J. M. Wieland is actually a second version of his original work Chains of Change. He wanted a new feel and fresh edits to the manuscript to update the text with any new laws or resources for his target market and the result was Getting Out: Success After Incarceration.

Book Cover Art:
I toned down the artwork quite a bit and focused in on family and friends of those that have been incarcerated. The actual literacy rate with people in prisons is pretty low so changing around the layout and cover art was a good idea as it spiked sales.

The formatting was easier and this time I spent far more effort on the kindle HTML layout so that it would really pop instead of just being text. I’m pretty happy with the results. A press release was sent for the book in the same structure as the previous work. I also completed a book trailer using a part of an Obama speech to and some background music.

Facebook Ad:
This was the first book that J. M. Wieland wished to have an advertising campaign created. I ran a three week campaign on Facebook and Instagram targeting friends and family of those incarcerated in locations with large prison populations like Florida, California, and New York. The result was an increase in sales by about 35% for a very small payout.


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