The power of words is an endless phenomenon.

For as long as I can remember I have paid close attention to the words used in any media my curious eyes and ears devoured. How they pull our attentions from even the most thrilling of ideas to focus on their messages. Their ability to make us laugh, cry, be inspired to lift mountains, and warm our souls with familiar nostalgia.

The problem was that I never understood how to utilize such words, until I studied marketing at the University of Maine and met a rather convincing advertising professor. In that class the magic of copy was unleashed and ever since then I have been forging away to find that same lightening in my own work. While I completed my studies in another state at Grand Canyon University, I still held true to that advertising class that offered a sense of purpose.

Using that formal education and blending it with a diverse set of real world circumstances in my past, I began to create copy for books, advertising, brochures, websites, and anything else friends, family and eventually clients requested.

Yes, I do dip my toes into design and UX as well, but my first love is copywriting.

If you’re looking for someone to think up original ideas for any sized audience, and loves to collaborate with different people on your team, then I believe we may just be a perfect match.

Let me know through my contact page.

James Wieland, Copywriter